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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Plus-Sized Pictorials 'Vive les Fatshionistas' in French Glamour Offers an XXL Perspective

In the June issue of French Glamour, the ‘Vive les Fatshionistas!’ story features a European take on plus-size inclusivity in women’s magazines by using fly photographs of three “fatshionista” bloggers.

With the coining of fatshionista, another ‘ista’ comes to the fore along with the ubiquitous fashionista, the cringe-worthy journalista, and we can’t forget 2008’s recessionista.

Will fatshionista bloggers like those in ‘Vive les Fatshionistas’ come to counter established body norms by providing a more democratic approach to the fashion industry’s impossibly-attainable beauty standards?

Additional image credits: Young, Fat, & Fabulous.

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