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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Does Size Really Matter?

It’s not what you are thinking. Not that size ;) That is another subject for another time!

Every Thursday, my guilty pleasure arrives, People Magazine. I put my purse down as soon as I walk in the door, sit in my favorite chair by the window and open up the first page. I go through the entire magazine, first scanning all of the pages and then going back to read everything carefully.

This week I read an article about Niecy Nash – recently famous for her role on Dancing With the Stars. I like her – she is funny and really cute. I don’t watch DWTS as much as I used to but I watched the first episode of the season. When Niecy was introduced she spoke about how she didn’t want to lose weight or her curves. Nice and all, but I thought it was a little strange because I was recently in an elevator with her (at the Beverly Center) and I thought to myself “boy she is really tiny, she looks a lot taller and bigger on TV!”. I said “hi” and commented on how much I liked the dress she was wearing. She was nice and said “why, thank you!” and we both got off of the elevator and walked to our cars.

In the People article she said that on DWTS she is “the big girl on the show” because she is – are you ready for this – a SIZE 8! Hollywood just stop it. Jessica Simpson was wearing a size 6 when she was called “FAT”. Size 6 is not fat; telling someone they are a size 6 – and fat – is a disaster and an eating disorder waiting to happen.

I wear a size 14 and you know what? I am a girl that does everything she can to be her best everyday. I am not plus, fat, curvy or thick, I am me. I am not my size.

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