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Saturday, August 14, 2010

SCAM ALERT!!!! Newest SCAM targeted at Makeup Artist!


Below are portions of emails that was sent to a makeup artist.

This person states they work for PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE and THEY DO NOT!

If this person or anyone else approaches you on behalf of PLUS, please email us FIRST before you accept a job, correspond or receive any money.

Please help me stop these scammers from using the PLUS Model Magazine name by helping to post and share this.

1st Correspondence:

A model parade comes up in a couple of weeks which also includes the
launching of a new cosmetics product.This event will be published in
our October Edition Vol.27. I contacted you after viewing out your
page to be among the Make-Up Artists to style up different models that
will be participating in the parade.The dates are 6th and 7th of

For your compensation,your are receiving £700.Our client will send
across to you your upfront pay-check of £300 before the event.Forward
me your name for the payment,mailing address(residential) and
telephone number.

Let me know if you have any further question.

Paul Mark.
32 Vauxhall Bridge Road
London SW1V 2SS
United Kingdom
Tel: +447024043086

2nd Correspondence:

I got your information from MM.I work for
Plus Magazine and here is the website This upcoming event will be published in
the October Edition as I earlier said.
The cosmetic brand is a new product which you will be familiar with
days prior to the event.There are 12 models in attendance out of which
you will be working on 3.There will be few others MUA participating in
the event.
I guess I get your questions answered.Kindly forward along the details
required so that our client can proceed with your payment.
I will be here if you have any further question.


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