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Monday, August 16, 2010

This Just Might Be the Sexiest Smoky Eye Look the World Has Seen in Ages. True Story.

If that bronze eye makeup style we saw last week on Marisa Miller had a naughty, smokier sister, it would be this look on Jessica Szohr.

It's like she's saying "Hello, there, big boy. Come here often?" with those eyes. It's hot. Maybe the hottest eye look we've seen around here in months, really.

And here's a breakdown of what's going on: She's got a lot of black liner all the way around her eyes, a gray shadow below the folds of her top lids with a pink blended up into the brow bones. Then there's a lovely hint of shimmery light bronze underneath her bottom lash line and in the inner corners. I think there may also be some individual fake lashes mixed in there, which helps, but wouldn't be necessary in recreating the drama. Just pile on some mascara instead.

A few shadow shades you could use to get a little something like this:

OK, so that's the story here. Who's going to try it and take pictures?

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