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Saturday, August 14, 2010

PLUS Model Magazine Exclusive – Fluvia Lacerda Speaks To MODA Magazine “I value my body. I have no reason to hide it”

While the world is questioning why we call size 10 models “plus size”, and the plus size industry fights back by focusing on curvier models, Fluvia Lacerda continues to campaign for the real curvy woman.

During her time in Brazil, MODA magazine interviewed the “plus size Gisele” for an in depth interview about body image and how women can live a happy and fulfilled life at their size.

The opening text reads:

“The brazilian model Fluvia Lacerda opens the way for women who wont fit the tough requirements of the fashion world. Known as the “Plus size version of Gisele”, shes married, financially independent, has a very successfull career and is happy with her body. At our interview, Fluvia confirms that she finds herself “totally sexy” and reasures: ” My happiness has no association with the number on my jean tag”.
It’s especially refreshing for someone to be open and honest about their beliefs. Industry professionals, including models, so often take a vow of silence for fear of retribution by the very industry they represent, but Fluvia has become a household name in her homeland for being a voice for the thousands of “invisible” women that feel inadequate because of their size.
We would like to thank Fluvia Lacerda for giving us the Exclusive News and stay tuned as Fluvia returns to PLUS Model Magazine in the SHAPE issue this Fall.
Only one word describes it “HOT”!
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