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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I like being fat.

I like being fat. Not plus sized. Not curvy. Not voluptuous. Not big boned. Not thick. Or anything other euphemism I can’t think of at the moment. Why do I like being FAT?

Because the word “fat” no longer hurts me.

Even after I became a fa(t)shion blogger, I was still wary of the word fat. Why would I call myself that? There are so many OTHER words I could use – I mean, I’m a writer after all, and a poet no less, so I know how to rock synonyms. I avoided it. I used it on my blog, but there was no way outside of the blogosphere you would hear this girl calling herself a fatty. I’d probably call myself…a bigger girl. Maybe even a big girl if I was feeling brave, but definitely not fat. But why? Let’s look at the definition of fat:

From Merriam-Webster: notable for having an unusual amount of fat

From Wordnet: having an (over)abundance of flesh

From having too much flabby tissue

So, what do we get from these defintions? Well, firstly, defining the adjective fat often involves using OTHER adjectives to fat, and that being fat means you have a flabby tissue or a lot of flesh. (Maybe I will start embracing the word fleshy?) And now let’s look at what the definitions DO NOT SAY:

- Ugly

- Smelly

- Unloved

- Unfashionable

- Stupid

- Unhealthy


So, I’ve realized, it’s just a word. A descriptive one. I am not going to let it have negative connotations. I’m not going to feel bad about being fat. It’s just what I am. Fat. I have an overabundance of flesh. I have an unusual amount of fat. I have too much flabby tissue. (Though, not sure how much I agree with the whole “too much” and “overabundance” parts of the definitions, but hey, that’s a post for another time). And it’s okay to be fat. A lot of people are fat. A lot of people are thin. We’re all different. And the best part is, this doesn’t hurt me anymore.

Someone can call me fat, and I can say, “Why yes, I am.”

There has been a lot of talk recently of the way people use the word fat, people often say, “I feel fat today.” or “I look fat today.” But what are people really trying to say? It’s like the way my students use the word “gay.” Do they really mean that their phone is acting homosexual when it’s not working right? No, they mean it’s not working properly. So why not just say that, instead of using a word that has nothing to DO with a phone not working right – which is why I always correct them with my usual spiel, “Really? Do you really think that is “gay”? Or are you trying to say something else?” And they always correct themselves.

When someone says, “I feel fat today,” they probably truly mean,

I feel….

- unhappy

- sad

- bad about his/herself

- upset
Or a variety of other emotions. Let’s say what we REALLY mean. Let’s help people correct the way they speak - because not only does it remove negative connotations from the word “fat,” it also encourages people to be in touch with how they feel. Their emotions.

So ladies, how do you feel about being fat? Or should I say, the word “fat”? Does it bother you? Did it bother you before, but now you’ve let go? Tell me your stories, I want to hear them, because I am now proud to say,

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