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Friday, August 20, 2010

Date Night Makeup Idea: Glowing Taupe Eyes and See-Through Pink Lips

Maybe it's a first date. Or it's your 112th. Doesn't matter—you can't really go wrong with a makeup look that's soft and glowing with a girl-next-door vibe to it. And that's what you get with this eye shadow and sheer lipgloss combo on Amy Smart here.

This was her look at last night's premiere of Middle Men:
The lip situation is easy--she's just got a sheer pink on. And there's also a touch of blush to make her look flushed and adorable. But what I love most is the eye makeup.
She's got a purple-y taupe dusted all the way around, a bit of gray along her lashline and a light beige in the inner corners. There's not a ton of color but it's all just sort of shimmery and candlelight-y and lovely.

Want to recreate it? Check out these shade suggestions below.

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