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Thursday, August 12, 2010

See all blog posts Clear Your Calendar: Study Says Women Try On 21,000 Clothing Items In Their Lifetime

A recent study told us that women spend less than three percent of their disposable income on clothing, which means there's one heck of a gap between what we buy and what we want to buy--because most of us will try on more than 21,000 articles of clothing in our lifetime!


According to yet another new study, "Woman will try on more than 21,000 items of clothing in a lifetime - but will only actually buy half of them." On average, we make four shopping trips a month and try on 10 items each time, and end up purchasing half of them, for a whopping 240 new pieces of clothing or accessories each year. The study also found that one in two women regularly go into stores to try things on with no intention of buying (I confess, I've played dress-up at Bergdorf Goodman in an Alexander McQueen dress that cost almost a month's rent!).

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But we're not all just casual observers, either: "The study of 3,000 women revealed that 84 per cent admit going out 'only to window shop' - but end up buying something anyway. Another 40 per cent of women admitted deciding they didn't like the item as soon as they arrived home."

Can you ladies believe how many pieces of clothing the average woman tries on in her lifetime? Are you suddenly feeling for your boyfriend, who hates waiting around while you hit the dressing room? Would you say your shopping habits are more or less in line with this study's findings? Share!

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