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Thursday, August 12, 2010

25 Cute Shoes Under $25 (Believe It.)

I've been on a pretty strict credit card diet ever since my wedding, but all the summer sales are slowly eating away at my willpower--specifically all the shoes out there that now have big %-off on their pricetags, like these tempting little numbers:

Nothing says summer better than a pair of flirty wedges. Okay, a poolside barbecue on a hot Saturday with Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" blaring in the background really says summer, but these little munchkins come close:

Ah leopard, the kryptonite of prints. I've got such a weakness for those spots:

A little bit of flash goes a long way in the dressing-up-those-old-jean-shorts arena:

Satiny lady-like shoes: looks cute now, will be even better with fall's tweedy stuff:

I'm thinking of indulging on a pair sometime soon--the way I think of it, these cute 'n' affordable shoes would be like the low-cal rice cake I'd need to get me through my shopping diet without totally starving for something major. (Right?)

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