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Sunday, October 24, 2010

See all blog posts A Little Trick to Making Your Cleavage Look Extra-Awesome You Can Steal from Victoria's Secret Model Marisa Miller

There are lots of mesmerizing things about Maris Miller, but today I want to talk about what's going on around her chest region. Come check it out.

Now, I would give you a cleavage closeup, but I'm trying to keep the creep factor down around here, so this will just have to do:
So what's the story? She's got body shimmer in a capital "T" going across the front of her chest and down between her "girls." And there might also be a bit of bronzer on the inner side of each boob to create a shadow--that part is less clear. But, really, it's the sheen here on her skin that's making everything look a little more voluminous. Kind of like the effect I got with that cleavage kit I tried awhile back. Remember that?
Anyway, it's a simple little move, and one you may have been using for years. But it's nice to know even supermodels use those old go-to tricks, no?
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