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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

The Calvin Klein brand is well known for its luxury, diversity and high class. The spring summer 2011 shoe collection is a definite reflection of these features as it offers several stylish alternatives that can satisfy even the most exquisite tastes in terms of fashion
Investing in a fabulous pair of designer shoes is undoubtedly one of the best style investments a woman can make especially if the shoes have a classic design that will never go out of style. With over 40 of experience in the fashion industry and countless alluring designs that have invariably revolutionized fashion, the Calvin Klein brand is one of the most famous brands, being recognized for ingenuity as well as the finest quality.

The spring summer collection of 2011 is very varied and it manages to impress with the perfect balance between innovation and classicism and luxury. Although some choices reflect a preference for balanced designs, the spring summer 2011 shoe trends are also well represented. Exotic skin shoes are an ideal example when it comes to how luxury and modernism can be combined to create the impression of boldness and class can be merged for an edgy look.

Although platform shoes as well as high heels tend to dominate we are immediately able to see that that thicker heels are preferred instead of stilettos. Along with the varying heights it can be pretty safe to assume that a proper support as well as a certain degree of comfort is one of the top characteristics of the collection.

Calvin Klein Spring 2011 ShoesCalvin Klein Spring 2011 Shoes

Although the designs are undoubtedly interesting, the color palette is not extremely varied as combinations of white, light brown, black, red or ivory describe the options of the collection for the most part.

Even though these choices might seem a little conservatory, the designs tend to make us forget about detail as they can easily become the main point of interest. As the designs become bolder we are able to see a strong preference for geometrical patterns. The heels tend to have a clearly defined geometrical shape and details such as studs or buckles are used cleverly in a discreet manner to create a powerful effect.

The combination of straps and laces is a variation that accurately represents some of the details that characterizes the latest fashion trends. Although this combination is rather unusual the styles presented demonstrate that creativity and moderation can create a very interesting result that manages to challenge our perceptions when it comes to edginess and refinement at the same time. Although certain creations tend to have a minimalist design, the modern and sometimes even futuristic vibe is noticeable every single time.

Calvin Klein Spring 2011 SandalsCalvin Klein Spring 2011 ShoesCalvin Klein Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

Those who tend to be more comfort oriented can also find a few stylish alternatives. Wedges carry some of the interesting details of the high heeled shoes, although the designs have a much more casual feeling, which is also noticeable due to the chunkiness of most wedges. A less casual version is given when fabric is used instead of leather. The pointy toe as well as the ankle cuff give the impression of femininity.

When it comes to flats, the designs tend to be minimalistic and discreet for the most part with only a few simple details. The warm, subtle tones suggest the fact that these shoes are not meant to become the center of attention but instead they tend to create the impression of lightness and unity. Stylish and comfortable they tend to be an excellent choice for a variety of occasions.

Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2011 ShoesCalvin Klein Spring 2011 FlatsCalvin Klein Spring 2011 Shoes
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