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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

See all blog posts Evidence That You Can Execute An Awesome French Twist At Home (This Reader Did)!

And for today's Reader Appreciation Day, allow me to present Joy, who very successfully executed the DIY French twist I recently wrote about over on Glamour's weddings blog, Save the Date. In fact, I'm kind of intimidated because...
... it's the hairstyle most of you voted for me to replicate for my upcoming bridesmaid duty. I hope I can do as good a job as Joy did following the (seemingly easy, but you never know) five-pin plan for creating this twist. Check out her gorgeous results:
"At first I thought, 'disaster strikes', but the messy look did me well and I liked how it came out!" Joy says. What do you guys think--do you like her version? If you want to try this hairstyle yourself, here's the step-by-step how-to from NYC stylist Heather Packer.
Check out lots more DIY wedding hair--with step-by-step instructions from hairstylists--here!

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