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Sunday, October 24, 2010

See all blog posts Date Night Makeup Idea: Hilary Duff's Glam Gray, Taupe and Beige Eye Look

Hilary Duff's eye makeup here is just so darn gorgeous you're going to want to stare at it for days and days and days and days. Which makes it perfect for a date because then your suitor will want to stare at your eyes for days and days and days and days.
Take a look:
Fantastic work here.
She's got what I think is a a mix of taupe and gray around her eyes with a pink blended up above on top and a shimmery beige in the inner corners. It's warm, but it's neutral, so it would work on pretty much anyone with any eye color. And there's a good chance you've got similar colors in your makeup bag already since they're pretty basic—it's the way they come together that's so eye-catching. Here's the closeup:
Any of you going to try it out soon?
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