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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The 10 Rules of Shiny, Sexy Hair

While glittery eyeliner, sparkly nail polish and other beauty looks might be a matter of personal taste, we don’t know any gal who wouldn’t like to have sexy, shiny hair. Try these hairstyle secrets to crank up your hair’s shine factor so high you’ll practically need sunglasses.
hair washing

Shiny Hair Rule #1: Know how often you should shampoo.

Rule of thumb: If you have thick hair that doesn’t get too oily, wash your hair every other day. If your hair is finer and gets oily more quickly, suds up your locks every day, says celebrity hairstylist Edward Tricomi. A blast of cool water at the end of your shower (though it might make you give a little yelp!) will help close off hair follicles to seal in the shine-makers from your shampoo.
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