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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Fancy Ponytail Look That's Sweeping The Land

"Sweeping the land" might be a tad bit dramatic, but since every other model in the Chanel spring show wore this ponytail look, chances are it'll catch on quick:
Most models at today's Chanel runway show wore their hair pulled back in a low ponytail that was almost eerily shiny. (The 'dos were so shiny, I needed sunglasses.) The tail part of the hairstyle was either flat-ironed or added-on with an extension (or likely both) then a thin strip of hair was wrapped 'round the 'tail so it hid the elastic.
Finally, a fancy barrette--some with chains, some with pearls others with a whole big pile of glitzy little things--was plopped down on top, fastened just above the ponytail, on the back of the head. There were also a few models who were wearing something that looked like a big marabou feather scrunchie, but I didn't get a good photo of that one. Both struck me as an easy way to glam-up a ponytail in a jiffy--not a bad style trick to have tucked in your back pocket.
Hmm. The pin-straight embellished pony = the new Waldorfian headband? It's kind of an '80s Heathers look (or maybe that mean Beverly Hills boutique lady who scoffs at Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?), but I'm digging it. How 'bout you?

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