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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kim Kardashian Demonstrates the Magic of Blending Eyeshadow in Your Creases

Know How We're Always Telling You to Blend a Deep Eye Shadow Along Your Creases for Shading? This Picture of Kim Kardashian Shows You Exactly What We Mean By That

Anytime we tell you to put a darker shade of eye shadow along the folds of your eyes to add some depth, you can use this picture of Kim Kardashian with her eyes closed as a guide. Come check out the closeup!
Notice that she's got a line of bronze-y brown that follows the line arch of the creases of her eyelids? It's above that golden copper shade. See it? It's been blended toward her brow bone a bit. That line is what we mean by "shading." It creates the illusion of a deeper indentation there, making your eyes look bigger, wider and overall more gorgeous.
Of course, you don't always have to go for shading. But it's an easy little trick and it looks pretty lovely, even when your eyes are closed, as you can see here. So I figured I'd toss it up here in case there was any confusion. And even if there's not, well, it's always nice to look at pretty eye makeup.
Do you "shade" your eye looks? Are you going to start now that you've seen it so clearly on Kim here?

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