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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beauty's Best How-To Videos

By: Betsey McLain

With YouTube, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter taking over the internet, it wasn't long before the beauty industry caught the video bug, too. Ushering in a new breed of fully webified "get the look" tutorials—ie: How-to hairdos and makeup videos—at record speed, this viral video atmosphere offers both pros and cons. For one, everyone has a chance to state their opinion and to be an expert, leaving some definite stinkers and less-than-useful tips floating around in cyberspace. But on the flip side, some winning how-to beauty and hair videos are rising to the top, making the flood of new products easier to navigate, upping the educational ante, and definitely keeping us inspired. We rounded up some of the brands and experts who we'd give a little video award to if we had a shiny statue!

1. How To: Apply Liquid Liner
Benefit Cosmetics gives their Magic Ink liquid liner a pop art, comic book treatment with fool-proof application tips for day and night. See more on their YouTube channel at

2. How To: Perfect Your Eyebrow Arch
MAC teaches you how to achieve the perfect power arch, taking your brows to a bolder level. Check out backstage video journals from MAC makeup artists on their YouTube channel at or at

3. How To: Upgrade Your Everyday Manicure
Give your manicure a colorful—and wearable—boost with Illamsqua's easy tips. See more on their YouTube channel at or at

4. How To: Do Your Own Teased Up-Do
L'Oreal Paris's new YouTube platform, Destination Beauty, brings together hair and makeup tutorials from both pros and aspiring vloggers alike. We found stylist Jimmy Lavoy's fast take on a teased updo that's straight off the runway. See more Destination Beauty videos at

5. How To: Nail The Perfect Neon Pink Lip
YouTube star Kandee Johnson demonstrates how to get the perfect neon pink matte lip—-the one you'll be sporting come spring—and maybe you'll find this year's Halloween look to boot. (Her Edward Scissorhands is off the charts). See all of Kandee's tutorials on her YouTube channel at

6. How To: Take The Smokey Eye To The Next Level
We love how Topshop wings out and sparkles up the traditional smoky eye with this quick lesson. See more videos, like how-to get a great berry lip on their YouTube channel at or at

7. How To: Easily Apply Fake Lashes
MakeupGeek gives one of the most detailed, yet easy, tutorials on fake lashes we've seen so far. See more of her how-to's at

8. How To: Do The Marc Jacobs Morning-After Look 
Watch backstage for step-by-step instructions on how to perfect the fall Marc Jacobs morning after look without looking literally, like it's the morning after! See more at or

9. How To: Straighten Your Hair
Hairstylist Oribe gets detailed on three uber-wearable ways to straighten hair using his new Soft Lacquer Hair Spray. See more of Oribe's how-to's at or for product information.

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