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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wearing Leggings: The Do’s and Dont’s

Ladies Ladies Ladies. Normally I am the bearer of good news and even greater fashion tips, but there is an epidemic that’s sweeping the streets around the world; and my beautiful plus size divas seem to be affected by a trend that started off for some as a fashion DO, and is rapidly becoming a fashion DON’T! Leggings, have become to many a nightmare in disguise, and I’m here to wake you up, and help you look great.
When choosing the right Legging there are some easy steps that need to be taken in order to look like the diva that you are.
1. Always plan to have a long enough shirt to cover up those Bootylicious curves (yes we embrace our curves, but leave a little for the imagination).
2. Try it ON! I know that life is hectic, and we always don’t feel like trying items on. With Leggings its best to see the fit at the store because some brands run larger or smaller than others.
3.Tights, or any type of see through Hosiery, are NOT and I repeat, NOT made to just wear with a shirt. That is a NO NO! (What not to wear). If you can see skin, that’s not a good look, and a greater fashion mistake.
4. Make sure the fabric works well with your body type. Not all fabrics accentuate the plus size figure well (satin silk, leather etc). If we are seeing too many dips, wrinkles and too much jiggle, that fabric may not be good for you.
5. Lastly remember that Leggings are an accessory, it’s not the main piece, it shouldn’t draw more attention than the rest of the outfit.
Ladies these steps will guarantee success in the Legging department. Some things come by trial and error and wearing Leggings the wrong way is an error that I want you to avoid. Always remember ” Wear the outfit, don’t let the outfit wear you.”
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  1. I love leggins so I appreciate this tips very much ... specially because you do see a lot of women walking with almost see thru leggins betting is just like wearing a jean :)
    Very useful accessory, love them.