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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finding & Shopping For Your Plus Size Wedding Gown

You’re sweeping up the isle in a fabulous wedding dress that will turn heads, make your friends jealous, and get that “Wow!” grin and smile from the man of your dreams.
We’ve all experienced the irritation of finding an outfit we like and then not finding it in our size can be disappointing.  When it comes to finding your ideal wedding gown the frustration of a dress that doesn’t fit can be ten times worse.  With all the stress of planning a wedding and being a lovely plus-size bride, the sample dress not fitting, especially the one you love, can turn your joy into sadness, which can be avoided by making  a couple of calls.
If you have a Wedding Planner/Coordinator who has worked with plus size brides, she can assist you with all these steps as well.
Today I am going to help you as I would do with my clients (plus size or straight size) when preparing to locate and find the dress of your dreams!
  1. Find your ideal dress (es) – make a list of the dresses you like by searching online or thumbing through the bridal magazines.  Be sure to note the a) dress maker/designer, b) style number, c) store or boutique where the dress can be purchased from.  If your wedding is more than 5 months away you have plenty of time so no need to rush or get frustrated.
  2. Make the call – once you have your list together see if you can sort and group your dresses by the boutique or store they can be found at.  Now contact the store or boutique and check that they have the style AND size you need.  Make a note of the Consultant’s name.  *A Quick Note*: Now if you are a shy girl and prefer a bit more privacy, try to set an appointment during the week instead of the ever-popular weekend when many brides (and grooms) will be at the stores also.
  3. Take a GOOD Friend Along – Take friends along whose objective is to make sure that you look stunning and the dress flatters (not hides) your best assets.  Ask them to bring a camera as well (as long as it is permitted by the boutique) so that you can review your selections later in case you don’t decide on a dress at that moment or you have other shops to visit.
  4. Be realistic and have a sense of humor – this is an exciting time in your life but don’t take yourself too seriously.  You will find the right dress!
You can find hundreds of styles in your size on these websites:
Keep track of your boutiques and stores in our new Wedding Organizer:  No-Stress “Day Of” Wedding Organizer
Above Dress can be found at House of

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  1. When you are looking for plus size wedding dresses it is better for finding a wedding dress large, to avoid options such as long bows, bedding, and embroidery. These items can add volume to your silhouette and make you look bigger than you really are.