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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plus-Size Model Marquita Pring Brings the Quotes of the Day

Plus Size Model Marquita Pring Brings the Quotes of the Day | beauty body image
Ford+ model Marquita Pring brings our (very long) quote of the day:
What is your stance on plus-size modeling? Do you think the industry is shifting to a broader audience, or is this just this year’s trend?
“Broader audience” [Laughs]. My stance is that the industry needs to embrace diverse women. I find it interesting that the fashion industry is notorious for change and constantly coming out with newest hottest trends before the previous one has even been played out. I don’t think this uprising of curvier models is just a trend. I think people are realizing that we are healthy, beautiful, happy women who are finally being discovered. I mean, let’s be honest, economically and psychologically it is in everyone’s best interest to include all sizes and models, regardless of the titles put on them. Designers will be making a lot more money by embracing a wider range of sizes, and women everywhere will start to feel better about themselves when they finally realize that to be beautiful, they do not need to conform to someone else’s ideal. I think we need to phase out the category “plus-size models.” I’m a model. I’m doing the same catalogue and editorial jobs as the “normal” models. Slowly, as designers start incorporating bigger girls into their shows and campaigns, I’m confident people will start seeing us as normal, healthy models who are just as beautiful and capable as the girls we are used to seeing. I think curvier models are still viewed as relatively new to the fashion world. People are finally starting to embrace us, and we aren’t just being seen for our tits and ass, but for our overall beauty and ability.
… says Marquita in NY Magazine.
Do you agree with her?

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  1. He's a really fabulous lady. I love the way she carries her plus size clothes. I'm really amazed.