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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Tips to see you beautiful


 Blackheads on the face are very common, especially in the area of the nose. These are open comedones that form when the sebaceous secretions mixed with dead cells. It is difficult prevent them but there are several ways to reduce their appearance and this is  one  of them: Before bed, rub with lemon. In the morning rinse with cold water. Repeat this procedure for several nights and you will notice a big change.

Lines around the lips

  The best way to prevent wrinkles of the mouth is exercising the muscle of the jaw. This is what can work longer without tiring. Whistles, sings, speaks in order ...... Even tongue twisters are a great way to exercise.

The secret to perfect lips

  Lips look naturally beautiful by following these two easy steps. Use a lip brush and apply a coat of lipstick very thin, starting at the center of the mouth. With the brush can slide the lip better and give them a natural appearance. If you apply more than one coat will last longer. Avoid corner so they do not end up with a clown-shaped mouth.. Pressed against the lower lip to soften the effect of lipstick and ends by closing your mouth on a tissue to remove excess.

 Shade for your eyes

   When you go to make up your eyes usually need to combine three colors: a medium for the eyelids, a dark to the lash line and a light one to clarify the area below the eyebrows. If this seems a lot of work, chooses to apply a neutral shadow tones. This will make your eyes look dull and your face look fresh.


   The lashes, the more long, dark and  voluminous, but highlight your eyes. It is a good option for women who do not like makeup because with the simple touch could make a big impact. The mask is easy to apply and easy to remove.

I hope these tips will help you stay beautiful and healthy.


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