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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Latesha Lipscomb: Brains, Beauty & Sass

When you think of a triple threat you think of a singer, dancer and actress like Beyonce or Janet Jackson.  This month’s cover model puts a completely different spin on the phrase “Triple Threat”. As the creator and CEO of I GOT FACE, Latesha channels her inner Diva as a make-up artist and stylist making her the go-to woman for projects across the country.
Putting the finishing touches on the looks of celebrities, Divas, Fashionistas and Brides-to be comes easy to her because when she’s not behind the scene she’s on the catwalk strutting her curves on show’s like BET’s Rip The Runway, The International Fuller Woman Expo and fashion shows across the country.
Despite all that she’s done in fashion and entertainment the most impressive thing on her resume is the work she does as a Lawyer and Philanthropist. Get to know the brains and beauty known as Latesha Lipscomb.
When and why did you start ‘I Got Face’?
I GOT FACE was born about 12 years ago in my dorm room at Boston College when I came to realize that I was more than just a “pretty” face. Growing up, I developed a sort of complex because people were always enthralled by my face but never embraced my curvy body. I would only take photos from my neck up for years. One day I decided to accept the compliment and determined that not only did I HAVE “FACE” but I HAD “FACE” to give and that acceptance gave birth to my love for cosmetic consulting and my concierge service was born .
What makes ‘I got Face’ stand out?
It’s bold brand of sassiness! First, it’s an interesting, off-the-wall name that opens the door for conversation. Afterwards I think the make-up artistry, customer service and knowledge of what’s trending in the industry gives us the ability and authority to stand out. I pride myself in being open, honest, dependable and professional with all my clients. So whether you’re a local designer who needs my help on a photo shoot or a celebrity that appreciates my BIG personality and skill, I GOT FACE has a way of selling itself as soon as people decide to hire me to provide that service for their project or special event.
You’ve done make-up for singers Chico Debarge and Chrisette Michele as well as others. What’s the difference between doing make-up for a man versus a woman other than the obvious?
I really enjoy both full-face artistry and male grooming just the same. They are equal in their own right because both enable me to be creative, just in different ways. With men, of course there tends to be less need for color but I can step it up in terms of Wardrobe Styling and execution of the shoot to achieve the best overall looks. With women, it’s a blast because you can create something different with your Brush every time. You can freely cast the rainbow on her face and chances are, she’ll still look amazing! I’m an artist so I find beauty in both men and women alike when it comes to creating beautiful images. But I will say this: “I’d sell my first born to have chance to work on Jazmine Sullivan’s creative team, I wanna paint her face from the inside out”!
As a make-up artist do you  find that you are critical of the work of others when you’re modeling?
ABSOLUTELY! It’s terribly difficult for me to trust my face to anyone else… because I’ve mastered it. Internally I am terribly critical but since I am professional, externally you’d never know it! As a model, I sit back and try to enjoy the ride without being too much of a backseat driver.
Have you always had a love for modeling or did it become your passion later in life?
It definitely became a passion later in life. There was a lot of self-acceptance that I had to come to realize first. I had to see myself as beautiful, wonderful and necessary. It all started back in the late 90′s when I took a photo for the Bloomingdale’s Milk: Where’s your Mustache? campaign. As the winner, I was featured in the pages of Mirabella Magazine and upon seeing myself inside the fold, I haven’t looked back since. I take modeling very seriously and work diligently to make sure that I pave the way for good old fashioned Midwestern girls with raw talent. I am living testament that you can bloom where your planted.
You’ve also appeared on BET’s Rip The Runway modeling for Monif C.  Was that your first time modeling on television and what was that experience like?
Yes! As a plus-model, national exposure in an urban market is priceless. Rip the Runway changed my life in a number of ways. First, it was a bird-eyes view of how the industry was beginning change in arguably, the most happening place on earth, New York City. Initially, I ended up on the show because I was a struggling model who traveled alone from Chicago and refused to “No” for an answer. And for many of us that year, though we came as strangers… we parted as friends. Secondly, to be a “Size Sexy” model representing one of the most fabulous lines on the planet for buxom beauties was surreal. Ripping the Runway was and continues to be liberating! You can meet me on the Runway again this year modeling for famed designer Tenille White.
What’s your greatest accomplishment as a plus size model so far?
In my opinion, conquering my fears and living out loud without changing my locale. Some people think that I would have been further along in my career had I moved to New York, Los angeles or Toronto but I am determined to make the same name for myself being Midwest based and represented by the Matthew Agency in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. Given the amount of Editorial Spreads and Fashion Shows I’ve done, including Chicago Fashion Week for Macy’s, I feel pretty accomplished. As I continue to grow and move forward, I am certain a national campaign or two will come along. Just you wait and see!
Both modeling and makeup artistry allow you to let your creative juices take control.  If you had to choose between the two, which would choose to focus on?
BLANK STARE – yikes! The thought alone is scary but I guess if I had to focus on one, it would be make-up artistry. I love painting faces and have been dying to go on tour with an artist. That is something I’d really love to experience before I settle down, get hitched and have children. Make-up Artistry gives me such a rush, such instant gratification. It reminds me of co-hosting a television show and waiting to learn the shows ratings versus a standing ovation as you take your bow after a theatrical performance. So at this time in my life, I’d probably go for the round of applause!
You’ve studied Political Science on a collegiate level including obtaining a Law degree from Boston college.  How do your scholastic accomplishments help you as a model and make up artist?
Artistically, my degrees don’t help at all. But believe it or not, I am quite the nerd and those degrees are very necessary for Latesha, the Lawyer Philanthropist. For example, as an Entrepreneur or Beauty Educator, I use my Negotiation and Public Speaking skills regularly. My extensive education combined with my work experience has cultivated a fierce businesswoman who dares to dream. I also think it forces people to take me more seriously. My smile may get me in the door, but it’s my resume that get me an invitation to stay awhile.
I think people try to separate the terms ‘Brains & Beauty’ when they definitely go together. Did you find it difficult to be dedicated to school and maintain your sense of style?
Not in school as much I find it difficult to maintain my sense of style in Corporate America or in a typicaL Law Firm setting. I am a style maven that can not be tamed by a blue or black suit. I love bold accessories, fantastic shoes, funky hairstyles and delicious make-up. But unfortunately all of that doesn’t pair well with Acquisitions & Mergers. Perhaps as an Entertainment Attorney, In-house counsel for a Cosmetic line or even as a Beauty Editor for a major publication, I can live out my fashion fantasies everyday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. If given the right environment, as a full-figured fashionista, I live to “give em something to talk about”!
As a woman with many talents, do you find it difficult to focus on one thing or is it all in a days work?
It’s all in a days work… at times my life is a bit of a blur. I have so many things on my plate right now, it’s become the only sort of focus that I know. But I love the chaos of it all. The doubts and disbelief, as well as the triumph in exceeding expectations. In this very moment I am Model, Make-up Artist, Entrepreneur, Student, Teacher, Dreamer and Doer… And though I run out of those 24 hours quickly, I wouldn’t have it any other way!
What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
Statements like “you’re so pretty” make me extremely uncomfortable, I could live for years off good Sushi alone and I still sleep with blankie!

Photo Credits
Photographer: Donte Quinn
Make-up Artist: Tysi Willimas for I GOT FACE Cosmetic Consulting
Hair Stylists: Kanika Starr Reynolds & April Starr Rutter for Starr Image II Salon
Wardrobe Stylist: Alicia Williamson
Set Designer/Stylist: Laura Naughton –
Set Assistant: Stef Ortiz
Clothing & Accessories: Models Own

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