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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I invite you to know ME

I am a very outgoing girl and I say what I think, what most bothers me in the universe is people talk things that are not real. I am a straight girl who speaks without fear of the reactions of other people because I am like that, so I'd rather have enemies to be hypocritical. I am a professional at what I do and for me is not work because it is my passion and nobody takes that for  me. I love  modeling, makeup, what's IN in fashion, colors, I am a good  communicator and therefore carry a message of motivation both girls and boys. I am a woman with vision I do not stay stuck in a page I keep writing and clearing the way for girls like me. I have a BLOG called Curvilicious Fashionista and there are saying that I copy from someone who is irrelevant in my life, I will tell the world in fashion there's room for all of us , theirs millions of beauty blog , millions of women who love makeup, they love the walkways and above all want to be part of the boom which is now In PLUS, there is room for all,  one of my queen say we have  different talents and we excel in different things, because if we were the same this universe was super boring. If you   deleted or blocked me from your  Facebook page my life  don't stop there not unlike if you are not enter in  my friends list  that means you're not important in my life so simple. I do not like DRAMA think that high school is when girls are insecure and fight for everything. I invite you to know beyond what they are shallow beauty contests, blogs, catwalks, magazines, TV shows there only show  one part of who we are. The reality is that the curves are beautiful but not to be confused with obesity that is not the same, I am a pro for a healthy life and accept you as you not  boxing  you in a word. I thank God who has been on my way to people who see my true self and have come to appreciate, the beauty is relative, what counts is what is inside of you that is reflected in your exterior and that makes you look beautiful If your inside that you know there are negative things that reflect what your  exterior. What a shame that in this environment there are people with lack of knowledge and lack of mind to understand what is important in life. This note is a thought to a malformed comment. Love your curves, love it so if you do not do anyone do it for you and above all have God as your North to lead every step you take as a blessing.



  1. Great post! People think it's always a's not! Why should it be. People can be so catty and for what... I had to stop looking at what others are doing and take a good look at myself. I started getting that, "Well so and so is doing this and that blogger is doing that." It's all a bunch of mucky nastiness to me! Keep it real, girl!


  2. Thanks Janelle for you support.