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Friday, March 25, 2011

Hot New Haircuts to Try (and a Few You Have to Be Ballsy to Attempt)

Chances are that during winter you got lazy or needed to save cash, so you skipped your regularly scheduled haircut appointments. Whoops. And now you're hiding behind a hat or defaulting to a ponytail (you're so not alone). All split ends aside (don't even get us started on our roots), it's finally time to hit the salon. But here's the dilemma: Should you tell your stylist "I'll have the usual," or "I'm ready for something new"? Tough call, but if the latter is where you're headed, the next decision is whether you want just a subtle update or if you're ready for a drastic haircut.

If you're game for something different, but not dramatic, Erin Anderson, co-owner of the Woodley and Bunny Salon in Brooklyn, N.Y., has fresh ideas about how to jazz up your current haircut (or lack thereof). And if you're ready for a total haircut overhaul, Anderson has fashion forward haircut trends to share with you too -- some that are hot for spring, and others based on the haircuts she's currently giving. She says that her clients (which include celebs Chloë Sevigny and Milla Jovovitch) are making really bold moves with their hair lately. So if you’re also ready to take the plunge and try a totally new haircut, her advice will help you learn how to ask your stylist for the specific look you're after, and how to style your new cut using a few of her fave hair care products.

Read on to get her tips and inspiration from these photos of celebrity hairstyles to help you decide on the best new look (dramatic or not!) for your hair. And remember: "At the end of the day, extreme or not, the hairstyle should complement the person and should be altered or adjusted to suit. If you see an extreme cut, use it as a guide and find a way to incorporate it, not just replicate [it]," says Anderson.
By Molly Roemer

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