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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Plus size: dressing tips

Plus size girls
It’s not a secret it’s often difficult to find flattering clothes for a plus size girl. It often happens that designers simply forget that not all people living in the world are as slender as catwalk models. So when shopping it gets to be as twice as difficult to find the appropriate outfit if you’re a chubby girl.
Plus size
These are the tips you might use when shopping for clothes that will help you accentuate your sexy curves and hide your problem areas.
  • Forget about extra large or tight tops. Prefer those that that loosely hug your body.
Tops for plus size women
  • Choose clothes that truly fit. Don’t pay too much attention to the sized, you must first of all feel comfortable.
  • Choose undergarments carefully so they fit well and stay in place.
  • Avoid long jackets: the hip length jacket, lower than the waist will generally look great.
  • Don’t stick to using very wide or really narrow belts, they may stress extra bulges you have in the waist area. Prefer medium width belts.
Medium width belts
  • Layered looks are usually good for hiding bulky areas.
  • Don’t choose clothes with large prints, wide, vertical or horizontal stripes.
  • Wear straight pants. Avoid too tight pants, flared pants or pleats. Remember, you should make sure the length of your pants is right.
Straight pants
  • Forget about bubble skirts, tulip-shaped skirts or mini-skirts. Rather prefer knee-length or mid-thigh length skirts to distract attention from your problem areas.
  • Avoid three-quarter sleeve T-shirts and blouses, as well as sleeveless ones.
  • Square necks are better than V-necks. Though, if your neck is not really long, V-neck can visually make it longer.
Square neckSquare neck
  • Always keep the neck and face uncovered.
  • Try clothes that have some spandex in them so they are flexible without making you look boxy.
  • Forget about square toe shoes. They will make you look bulky and visually shorten your legs.

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