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Monday, February 14, 2011

10 Reasons Plus Size Modeling is Gaining Momentum

When I read this quote it made me think about the industry that I have been covering for the last few years.  “Designer Douglas Hannant told the camera, “I think plus-sized women can be beautiful, but it’s not my ideal on the runway because I’m not doing a plus-size line. I feel that a model is like an athlete. She needs to be in runway shape.”
I started to think about the buzz over larger models that started a few months ago within the plus community and is starting to resonate out to the straight size community.  Models like Crystal Renn opened the door and though she is not considered plus anymore her name is still connected to the movement.  When I say movement I mean an event that has grown to the point that it can no longer be contained by those commonly associated with it and it is being run by the people groups.
With that in mind here are my reasons behind why plus modeling has grown to the point that it has:
  1. People are tired of seeing models that do not reflect real life
  2. Ladies in particular are no longer afraid to show of their curves
  3. Manufacturers are starting to realize the population is bigger
  4. Designers are creating for larger sizes
  5. The designers themselves are plus size
  6. Companies like IGIGI and JIBRI are using larger models
  7. Models are receiving instruction from programs like The Plus Academy™
  8. The average dress size is a 14
  9. Average weight for ladies today is 165lbs
  10. Average bra size is a 36C with a price of $19.99
Overall lets just call this movement what it really is.  With the help of ladies like Rosie Mercardo, Teslyn Butler, Ashely Graham, Whitney Thompson, Chenese Lewis, Fluvia Larceda, Mia Amber, and others plus size modeling is firmly in the mainstream.  Economically the plus size fashion segment is the ONLY portion of the fashion industry that is showing significant growth.
With that in mind people who just a few months ago snubbed the plus size niche are seeing the dollars on the wall.  All I can say is that those of use who have been covering the community especially the modeling industry welcome you to the dance but do not expect us to take a back seat to you.

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