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Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Favorite Nail Color for February 2011

Time to announce February's nail polish of the month! It manages to both put me in the mood for Valentine's Day and give the finger to this nasty winter weather we've been having.
It's Sinful Colors "Cha Cha Red" (but it's actually hot pink); drugstores like Walgreens carry this fun brand.
I got my inspiration from last week's SAG Awards red carpet, where "True Grit" cutie Hailee Steinfeld paired bright-pink nail polish with her awesome striped Prada dress (take that, winter!).
Thanks for the idea, Hailee--my hot-pink manicure is just the burst of sunshiney prettiness I needed today! Oh, and on top, I applied Seche Vite quick-dry topcoat, which you guys have been raving about forever--I'll write a detailed review of soon, so stay tuned.
What do you think of bright pink nails as our theme color for February 2011? Do they feel like a happy, fun way to ride out the rest of winter? Or too summery for your current mood?

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