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Sunday, February 6, 2011

From Tragedy to Triumph: The Story of Ana García

   I am writing this story so people who have had a tragedy in their lives can realize that they can turn tragedy into triumph. My daughter's name is Ana García. When Ana was two years old she was attacked by a dog that left her beautiful face scarred. Our lives changed so much. I quit my teaching job to take care of her. She became an ugly duckling. Those were her words, but not to us because we saw her inner beauty and not her scars. As a parent it is devastating for something so horrible to happen to your child and you are always thinking how I could have prevented this situation. It took fifteen years until she could have her plastic surgery. Those were the hardest years of her young life and our lives as there were no mirrors in our home because it was too hard for her to look at herself. There were hardly any photos either as she hated the camera, but she always read beauty and fashion magazines and dreamt of being in one some day. Finally, the day came that she had her plastic surgery and a beautiful swan emerged. First, she accepted that being a plus size person was also beautiful. Secondly, she got her college degree because she always said that because of her intelligence, beauty and being a plus size person was a plus. She dared to enter the Torrid modeling contest in Puerto Rico and was the first runner up. Watching her on that runway made me so proud of her. I smiled when I saw her because I remembered her telling me "Mom, I hope I don't fall" she didn't and she was amazing. Eventually, she submitted her photos and was chosen to walk the runway at the Curvy Revolutionin Vegas on February 2011 at an event that I know will be spectacular,and she will shine like the star she is. When she got the e-mail that she had been chosen we both started screaming. My husband thought somebody died because we were screaming very loudly. It was so funny because we were so happy and this was the way it should have been when she was growing up full of joy and laughter not of tears and sadness. God has a purpose for everything in our lives and I am glad to say that at this moment we have never been happier.Writing this has made me laugh and cry because all of the memories came back. When I saw her picture in BBW Magazine as the beauty of the week I was overwhelmed with joy because she looked so beautiful and all those years of suffering were erased from my mind.I wanted to share Ana's story with you because if I change someone's life when they read her story I know that all of the suffering that my daughter and our family endured during her young years will be worth it. Blessings to all!

                                                                           ~Marta Ana' Mother

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