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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


One of the most beautiful things about the female form is that it comes in such a variety of different shapes and sizes. Definitely something to be celebrated, it’s also something that can cause a lot of headache when shopping.
Ask yourself, how many people do you know with the same body shape as you? Most stores manufacture sizes for a mass market, essentially creating garments made to fit millions of women. In reality this just doesn’t cut it.
If like so many women, you sometimes have trouble finding clothes that fit perfectly off the hangar, don’t despair! Here are a couple tips you should bear in mind when dressing for your body shape…and you should have the number of a good tailor on speed dial.
1) No matter what your body shape use cuts, colours & patterns that accentuate the positive aspects of your figure and draw the eye away from any problem areas.
2) If you’ve a long torso and short legs, you should put together outfits with the focus on your legs. By wearing clothes that make your legs look longer, you’ll look longer overall and therefore leaner. High-waisted skirts & trousers are great for this. Also by matching the colour of your belt, trousers/skirt, tights and shoes you create the illusion of a longer line.
3) Most women would kill for long legs so I say if you’ve got them flaunt them! Wear slim fitting pants or skirts that show off your legs.
4) If you’re wider at the waist than you’d rather be, start by drawing attention elsewhere such as your neckline, face or legs. V-necks or empire lines are ideal for this as they draw the eye upward. Avoid trousers that cover your entire tummy as they’ll only make it look larger than it is.
5) Lastly, If you’re problem area is your bum and bottom half then you’ll want to make it appear smaller. Choose tops that hit at the top of the hip and choose silhouettes such as A-line skirts that flow away from the body. Avoid skirts with a lot of embellishments or a large pattern as they will only draw attention to your problem area.
These are just a couple of tips to help get you started on dressing for your body shape. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any more individual queries. Happy shopping!

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