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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Whether you suffer from split ends or crazy frizzy hair, these products will score you healthy locks fast

Meirav Devash

Hair Damage Control

When our hair is healthy, we feel more confident and revel in its swing and shine. Still, some days (weeks? months?), our hair just refuses to cooperate, despite the attention we give it...which, ironically, is often the problem. Straightening and curling, coloring and highlighting, spritzing and scrunching—primping does a lot of damage over time.

The first step for reversing tress distress is "assessing what kind of shape the hair is in so you can treat it properly," says styling guru Ted Gibson, owner of the Ted Gibson Salon in New York City. Find the symptoms that describe the state of your hair's health, then remedy the situation with the right Rx.

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