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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evolving Influence Videos Now Posted!

Did you get to see the Evolving Influence Conference? View the live stream? If you didn’t, or if you missed something, no need to fret or wish you saw something and missed it, we have something for you…

The Evolving Influence Videos

Here are four 5-minute videos with portions of the conference along with interviews with some of the panelists covering some of the points discussed at the conference. We decided to make the videos shorter and more web friendly so you can get the most out of your time. Thanks to Deanne Yee from Dream Sequins for interviewing and Drea Bernardi for editing and producing and made these videos handy and bite size!

Fashion Blog Marketing

Marketing may sound like a scary corporate buzzword, but it’s an essential part of growing your blog readership whether you know you’re doing it or not. How do you get your blog out there? How do you create your niche? How do you cultivate a readership? With all the emphasis on being an insider, how can being an outsider help us as bloggers? In this video we discuss some points in ways you can incorporate marketing into your blogging routine that won’t require you to go back to college for another degree.

Nichelle Pace, Style Mom • Erika Miller, • Shubankhar Ray*, G-Star RAW

*G-Star RAW is a sponsor of the Evolving Influence Conference

The Business of Fashion Blogging

‘They say do what you love and the money will follow,’ says the intro to the panel written by moderator, Yuli Ziv of Style Coalition. And it’s true the money will follow, but you still need to learn the ropes in the business world, and the fashion blogging business world? Well, it’s a whole new industry in the very beginning stages, even the experts don’t have a formula. Here we talk with the panelists about authenticity, what sponsors look for in a blog, how the advertising market is changing and what that means to you as a blogger.

Gala Darling, iCiNG • Lauren Dimet Waters, Second City Style • Dina Fierro – Eye4Style, Attention! • Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond,

Fashion Blog Ethics

What makes an ethical blogger? While we’d all like to think of ourselves as ethical bloggers, there are some issues that come up that seem innocuous or even a fashion industry standard, but that does it make it right? Does it put your credibility at risk? Just because fashion editors do it, does that mean that should be a standard for fashion bloggers? The ethics panel turned out to be a dark horse causing controversy at the the conference, discussing disclosure, gifting, and whether it presented a conflict of interest to accept gifts from fashion companies as bloggers, and why ethics help bloggers protect themselves.

Wendy Brandes (moderator), Wendy Brandes Jewelry • Imran Amed, Business of Fashion • Jessica Schroeder, What I Wore • Mary Scherpe, Stil in Berlin • Clark Hoyt, Public Editor, New York Times

The Future of Fashion Blogging

What IS the future of fashion blogging? Haven’t we just started? It seems like just a few years ago not many people knew what a blog was, nowadays bloggers are making a living, achieving a somewhat celebrity status, and making the blacklist of editors…or are they? How much of the blogging hype is actual hype and how much of blogging is really just about doing your own thing? While we don’t exactly know about the future, we try to cast new light on some of the myths going out around traditional media and in the bloggosphere.

Susie Bubble, Style Bubble • Tavi Gevinson, Style Rookie • Phil Oh, Street Peeper • Britt Aboutaleb & Lauren Sherman,

What’s your opinion?

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