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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do You Feel Prettier in the Spring and Summer or the Fall and Winter?

0719-season-beauty_bd.jpgEvery season has its own snags to deal with. For instance, right now humidity, clogged pores and sweat are cramping my beauty style something awful. And, yet, I still say I'm foxier in the summer and spring than the fall and winter. How about you?

Think through the gripes you have for the cold months--pastiness, dry skin, static-y hair--and the ones you have for the the hot ones--brassiness, weird tanlines, etc. Then think about their positives (like sun-kissed cuteness in the summer, lack of frizz in the winter). Which time of year do you feel prettier in? Vote below.

I feel prettier in the...


Then give some details in the comments if you've got a sec. (Last time we asked this question we got some interesting responses!)

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