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Friday, September 17, 2010

Plus Size Blog: Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too (

Published by Angela, on October 14, 2009 in Women's Plus Size Clothing

fat girls Plus Size Blog: Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too ( soon as you open you can see it is going to be fun all the way ! From the witty header to the contents of the posts. The author, Deena, claims to be a “woman on the verge of reaching her full potential. Love fashion, life in general.” Readers love her posts: I’ve been googling big girls fashion as I’m a size 16-18 and finding it hard to find funky clothes that I feel sexy in!! And I came across your site I think your fab.

The posts themselves in are a mixture of reviews, pictures, and humorous commentary on events such as fashion week. Here id an extract of a recent post, (Deena, hope you don’t mind), taken from the post: I can’t keep quiet anylonger, October 8 2009.

“the collection was largely a hot mess. It made me cringe and I’m sitting at home looking at photos on the net. If I had been at the show itself I’d probably have slouched low in my seat with my notebook covering my face.”

The site itself is easy to use. On the sidebar there are links to fashion blogs, interior blogs, non fashion blogs, and links to fashion shops. Articles are also archived here in months along with recent posts. The main page has the posts from the current month.

So for some serious tell it as it is fun and stylish fashion sense log on to today – I am a huge fan already.

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