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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kim Kardashian: ‘I really don’t like my thighs’

Kim Kardashian: I really don’t like my thighs | beauty body image

It’s been a while since we last heard Kim Kardashian talk about her curvy figure, how she adores it, how she’s losing weight and how she’s a tiny size, so it’s about time for a refill from Kim’s ‘I love / hate my figure’ repertoire.

On her body dislikes:

“I really don’t like my thighs. No matter how much running I do, I just can’t get them how I want them to be. I wish they were smaller. But you know what? They are a part of me and I have to learn to love them. I’m still learning, though!”

On her abs:

“I work hard to keep it flat, so I’m pretty proud of it. I make sure I do sit-ups every day – I have to. I try to do at least 200 every day. But then I also do loads of working out and running, so it’s a bit of a combination.”

On being curvy:

“When I was a teenager I hated being curvy. But, as you grow up, you learn to love yourself and everything about you. At every stage, there’s a point when you’re uncomfortable but you grow out of it.”

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