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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kirstie Alley Lost 50 Pounds

Kirstie Alley Lost 50 Pounds | celebrity quotes
I’ve lost over 50 lbs…and I’m having the time of my of my life…30 more to go!’
… says Kirstie on Twitter, while posting the above picture as a proof.
And to complete:
I looked, you know, circus fat. ‘When we get fat, we fool ourselves with every kind of lie imaginable.
‘By 2008, my weight started creeping up and I said, “Oh, I still look good at 150. I still look good at 155. I still look okay at 165. Some of my clothes still fit at 175. And nobody was saying “you’re fat.” I was like a bank robber who was getting away with it. Next thing I know I’m 190, 200, 210 (lbs)’

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