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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Celebrities, fashion stylists, and editors across the globe know Tarina Tarantino—the "Queen of Irreverent Luxury"—as the accessory designer who makes everything she touches sparkle. This fuchsia-tressed former makeup artist now shares her passion for self-expression and playfulness with a complete cosmetics collection, available only at Sephora. Inspired by her nostalgic-yet-modern jewelry line, Tarina developed innovative products with high-quality, color-rich formulas and luxurious packaging. TARINA TARANTINO will take girls of all ages on a fantastical journey, where they can express their own personal style and reveal their inner sparkle.

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Starchild Odyssey Palette TARINA TARANTINO

Starchild Odyssey Palette
What it is:
A brightly futuristic ensemble featuring five exclusive metallic shades of Tarina's Eye Dream Hypershadow.

What it does:
Create an out-of-this-world eye look that will get you noticed. Tarina's pressed-eyeshadow formula offers high-intensity pigment payoff for seriously stunning results. Jet Mill Technology is used to pulverize formula into the smallest particle, which gives shadows their velvety texture. The maximum pigment load, 20-50 percent more pigment with less binder, produces the rich color payoff.

What else you need to know:
"Journey into a world that celebrates freedom to express your individual style. Collective conformity is never in fashion. Meet Starchild, a mystic DJ, as she leads a cosmic revolution. Join her on a fantastical odyssey through space and time. Travel on a crystalline craft, and marvel at the kaleidoscope of moving images outside your portal. Listen as the electro-galactic ear candy plays, all carefully chosen by Starchild, as you sleep and dream. You wake with a sense of wonder and happiness as you apply your shadow and prepare for arrival." XOXO, Tarina

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