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Monday, September 13, 2010

First "Wet Seal" Plus Model - Teslyn Butler, 9/01/2010

by Teslyn Butler

What an amazing feeling to be the first plus size model to ever work for Wet Seal! After a total of 20,000 girls all across the U.S. I became one of four winners for the Wet Seal modeling contest and it's a dream come true. It is wonderful to represent the plus size population. I remember as if it was only yesterday my cousin Maya saying, "Teslyn, Wet Seal is looking for models sizes 0-24!" "What?" I said, "I didn't know they had plus size clothes!!!' ' It was 2 weeks after knowing before I applied. Then, one day I said,"what the heck"!! The very last day, I applied for the contest at a local Wet Seal store with my application and pictures, ten minutes before they closed!!!!

A few weeks later I received a Flip Video Camcorder and a letter congratulating me for making the top 100, the rest is history. When I arrived at my suite in Orange County, California I was blown away with how beautiful it was, I then knew that the best was yet to come. As soon as the models and I arrived to the Wet Seal Headquarter we were greeted by Alyssa Montes (Wet Seal Representative) with flowers and a camera in our face. We took a tour, had our fittings, and a couple of meetings. The photo shoot was held at Sean Armenta Studios. The studio was a huge industrial building (right up my alley) The photo shoot crew consisted of a photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, Prep Stylist, Creative Director, Assistant Creative Director, Videographer, and plenty of assistants that helped us with anything and everything.

My makeup artist, Craig Beaglehole was amazing with his makeup techniques and really knew how to make a girl laugh. My eyes were impeccably done with looks that varied. Noogie Thai, the hairstylist, was on top of making sure that our hair was perfect! I believe I got hair touch ups every two seconds. I had over a dozen outfit changes and styles that ranged from casual to dressy. We had so many different shoes and accessories ranging from flat boots to six inch stiletto heels. One of my favorite outfits was the Snow Leopard Belted Dress and the Ripped and Torn Leggings.

The photo shoot lasted for hours! I believe I took only two bites of my food because I was so anxious to shoot. Our photographer was Sean Armenta, he was a lot of fun to shoot with. The whole day we were followed by a cameraman and were interviewed numerous times throughout the day. Alyssa Montes and the rest of the team kept telling me how they were so excited to finally have a plus size model represent Wet Seal. There is so much that I want to elaborate on, but what I can say is that Wet Seal treated me with respect and it made me and the other models feel like royalty.

Many thanks to all that voted to get me in the final round. It was an amazing experience. Within the plus size industry we still have a lot to overcome to bring equality to our society however; we have achieved some great things these past few years. I salute you Wet Seal!!!

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