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Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Orajel Cold Sore Relief & Concelear

I love to try new thing so I find that Orajel have this new product to help our skin.

Conceal and heal cold sore with this perfectly portable precision tool! The green tint help cancel out redness, while a maximum strength pain reliever, three moisturizing skin protectants, and unique herbal complex help speed healing and work to stop pain. With a convenient easy to use soft tip brush, just apply directly to your cold sore so healing can begin.

Fresh Face Forward
Complementary colors help hide dark spots and blemishes and give your skin a fresh, glowing look. Use these tips to get prettiest look.

Heal & Conceal
A green tinted, like New Orajel Cold Sore Relief & Concealer, will not only conceal redness it also helps relieve pain and speed healing.

Lighten Up
Dark circles can be banished with yellow tone concealer, purple's complements. Using your ring finger(it's gentler and offers more control), dab along the inner corner of your eyes and over under eye circles.

Get Even
Skin that's little sallow or green toned can get a boot from pink hued concealer. Pink neutralizes green, leaving you fresh faced and even toned.

Seek Shades
Complement your glowing skin with a swipe of glossy block mascara on the upper lashes and hint of soft, rosy blush.

So my CF you can try it too!!!!!!!!



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