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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is Your Guy Keeping Secrets?

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Late last summer, Elin Nordegren reportedly confessed to feeling "stupid" and "embarrassed" that she didn't realize her golf-pro husband was having multiple affairs. The obvious question: Had she been ignoring the warning signs, or was Tiger Woods just really, really good at subterfuge? Another burning query on many women's minds: Could the guy I love be keeping any dark secrets from me?
To find out, WH teamed up with its brother publication, Men's Health, to conduct a poll of nearly 2,000 people (the female confessions are in this month's MH) to find out what couples are keeping from each other. The first thing to note: Seventy-seven percent of the guys said it's perfectly fine to keep secrets in a relationship. Here are the clandestine thoughts and actions you'll definitely want to know about.

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