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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How To Get Better Cheekbones In About Five Seconds

Whenever I'm getting all dolled up--especially for an event where my photo will probably be taken at some point--I always remember this cheekbone-emphasizing makeup trick.
Check out this photo of E! news host and reality star Giuliana Rancic at an event over the weekend--can you see what I am talking about? That glint of shine on her cheekbone (most likely emphasized by a camera flash) really plays up her (admittedly already awesome) bone structure and makes her skin look luminous. This is a great reminder to take that extra few seconds and smooth some highlighter along the top ridge of your cheekbones as a final step in your makeup routine; click through the shopping box below for some of the many highlighter options out there. You can also use Vaseline (oh my beloved Vaseline) or clear lip balm in a pinch, though the effect wont last as long.
Do you take the time to highlight your cheekbones? What product do you use? Do you use this trick on a daily basis or only for special occasions?

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