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Monday, November 22, 2010

How to Get Bouncy, Shiny Hair Like Kate Middleton's

How To Get Kate Middleton Hair (Bouncy, Shiny, Basically Perfect)

I would say maybe you guys are getting tired of reading/talking/thinking about Kate Middleton already, but let's be honest: Is there anything more delicious than sitting around pondering what it must be like to be a gorgeous princess-in-waiting? So let's go ahead and discuss how we can have bouncy, shiny hair like Kate's.
Now I admit, it helps to be genetically blessed with thick, shiny, long hair--OK, it REALLY helps--but there's at least one trick that everyone can use to cop Kate's look. I like to call it the round-brush twist, and it's really not that hard to master once you practice it a couple times.
Here's what to do: Using a medium-sized, boar-bristle round brush, blow out your hair as usual, until it's about 80 percent dry. Then start rolling sections onto the brush and then flipping it vertical to your head. Hold each section that way and blast with heat from the dryer for several seconds, then pull the brush straight down until the hair slides up and off. What will happen is that you'll get bouncy bend in your ends, just like Kate--sort of partial ringlets--instead of the curled under or out effect you usually get when rolling hair onto a round brush horizontally.
Does this make sense without a how-to visual (which I admittedly just don't have the time for this morning)? Do any of you use this blow-out trick for getting your hair bouncy and perky? Also, on a scale of 1 to 10, how perfect is Kate Middleton's hair?

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