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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


(Seattle, WA, January 24, 2011) Four years ago the world was introduced to the queens of curves, Sommer Green and Meilee, with the launch of True Curves model’s. “True Curves“™ is a campaign that empowers women to embrace the strength and beauty found in their curves through beauty, fashion, and art. True Curves promotes healthy lifestyles for real women with real curves and embraces the independent sensuality of full-figured women. Reeling from the success of the highly popular True Curves 2009 Pin Up calendar which challenged the stereotypes of beauty by featuring real women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, the ladies are back in larger than life fashion with the new Sheroes Comic Book and calendar.
True Curves presents True Sheroes a comic book series that introduces us to an entire galaxy of bold bodacious Sheroes determined to save the world from the destruction of the natural resources destroying the world. Committed to empowering young girls and women, the True Sheroes comic books take an animated look at society through a sci-fi fantasy, mixed with high fashion flare, True Sheroes will inspire every woman to find the hero inside themselves.
Having always been advocates for philanthropic organizations, True Princesses and True Curves will also give back to the young girls in our communities by allowing them to become their own role models by telling their own stories of empowerment. True Princesses will have their own calendar and comic series highlighting the importance of self-esteem, self-love and living fearlessly. “We are only as great in empowering as our youngest Sheroe. So we start their and work our way up to ensure our message survives through all generations” – Sommer Green & Meilee.

True Sheroes is available nationwide and throughout Canada at
For more information and interviews contact Octavia at
About Comic: The Sheroes are a race of super powered women from the planet Curva. Their planet is in the Nuvo system, the next galaxy over. Their Queen Sinesca, her twin sister Princess Sinecoo and survivors have come to Earth to seek refuge and help protect them from the Nuratu, a group of sadistic alien scientist. They are led by the evil Dr. Kraitin who only wants to enslave the planet and harness the planet’s energy for his own diabolic schemes. The Sheroes fear he may be heading here to earth. Before Dr. Kratin enslaved Queen Sinesca and Princess Sinecoo the planet had beautiful rich lands that were plentiful with all our natural resources. Now Dr. Kratin and his scientist have almost completely diminished all the resources and most of the lands have turned into wastelands from the battles. The planet is now unlivable for Sheroes draw their powers from those sources. The planet Earth is the closest in resemblance to their planet Curva. There are 16 known survivors. All remain in disguise for fear of the Nurato searching for them and they can’t let what happen to Curva happen to Earth.
“We are here to protect you. We are True Sheroes!”

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