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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plus Size Undergarments: What Lies Beneath

Ladies, I have a secret for you. This secret is one that I wouldn’t mind if you told all of your girlfriends, nieces, aunties, and co-workers. You ready? Ok here it is. The secret is that, what makes you look good isn’t always what we see on the outside, and no I’m not about to quote the beloved Temptations, and say that “Beauty is only skin deep” (which is always true), but what lies beneath that hot dress, or that pencil skirt, is just as important as the pump, and the purse that sets it off. What lies beneath is what makes you look well put together and sometimes a little slimmer.
A great undergarment is the secret to a great finishing outfit. Proper bras, and shape wear can make the difference between a good look and a great look. I had to learn this lesson at an early age, being blessed in the chest area (oh yeah) I learned that a good bra is a MUST. My favorite brands; The Butterfly bra by Jill Scott (Ashley Stewart), and the Cacique brand (Lane Bryant). These bras have given me great lift and excellent support, making my “girls” look good in those low cut tops, and form fitting shirts. You never want sagging, or overage (your cup running over is not cute, means that your bra is too small).
Don’t know what bra size you are? Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart offer bra sizing just ask an associate. There are all types of bra styles and fit; don’t be afraid to try them on.  You may be smaller or larger than what was measured so take the extra time to make sure you look extra fabulous.
If you happen to be blessed in the chest area like me, minimizer style bras are your best friend, this style bra does what it says minimize, not all shirts and dresses call for the “big guns” and minimizer’s will do the trick. To my ladies who want a little more in that area, Push up bra’s and Wonder bra’s are excellent, Victoria Secret has you covered.
Shape wear is an essential part of the plus size divas wardrobe. When asked on the View what is a “Must Have” Beyonce` and Ms. Tina responded SPANX! If it’s good for B its great for us! Spanx can suck in any unwanted “cushion” that we don’t want seen in our apparel. Lane Bryant, Target, and even Walgreens carry them. Ladies invest, you will be happy that you did.
What Lies beneath is as important as what hairstyle, or lipstick to wear. Even though no one sees it, it truly reflects through our clothes. So spread the word yell the secret to every woman you know, What Lies Beneath MATTERS!

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