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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let’s do away with the term, “Plus Size”

Do we really need to continue to use the term, “plus size” in fashion these days?  I mean, how degrading…who wants to be called “plus size” anyway?  And what size is “plus size”?
These days “plus size” has been used in the fashion world so randomly it is not clear what the true definition is or what size it represents.  Wikipedia defines “plus size clothing” as a general term given to clothing proportioned specifically for overweight people.  In plus size only collections or brands the sizes typically range from sizes 16W-32W, but who would even know that when we so regularly you hear it applied to the most common size for American women…a size 14.  Fashion has made it a habit to call any size over a size 10, “plus size”.  That means that 63% of the women in America feel ashamed or uncomfortable in the world of fashion on a daily basis by being categorized by such a degrading term, “plus size”.
The other question is, why, if the most common size for women is a size 14, are there so few collections in fashion offered in sizes beyond a size 10?  Basic sense would tell you…if a majority of women are bigger than a size 10 than there would be many selections available in those higher sizes.  However, it is just the opposite…more and more is offered everyday for smaller and smaller sizes!
I think it is time fashion collections start offering broader size ranges and do away with the term “plus size”!  Let’s embrace the fact that women come in so many different shapes and sizes…that will never change and that is what makes women beautiful!
Tell me, what do you think?  Is the fashion industry changing?  Would it be nice to shop the same collections that carry a size 4 and 6?

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