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Sunday, October 3, 2010

‘Just As Beautiful’ – A New Plus-Size Magazine

Just As Beautiful   A New Plus Size Magazine | beauty body image
‘Just as Beautiful’ started as a digital publication destined to women over size 14, but beginning with September 2010, it joins the printed club. The magazine, who intends to ‘help end the current harsh visual obsession’ refuses to use any model under size 14 and it also bans dieting articles – but let’s find out more from it’s creators:
The magazine’s editor Sue Thomason explains:
We want our readers to know that they don’t need to change their appearance to ‘fit in’ or be truly happy. Most people only think they need to change because they’re constantly exposed to the message that they do – and shown images of impossibly skinny models that they’re told they “should” look like.
‘Appearance needs to be rethought and placed firmly back where it belongs – in the entertainment section of your life, along with fashion and make-up,’ she said. If you feel anxious about your looks instead of being relaxed, it’s a sure sign that you need to change your mind and not your body.’
Publisher Ronnie Ajoku says:
‘There will be no diet sections but we do have exercise tips. No model under size 14 will get into the magazine. We have normal interviews with women who happen to be size 14-16.
‘What we want to do is supply a magazine for women who don’t want to be made to feel bad about the way they look. We might have interviews from plus size celebrities like Ruth Jones but they are straightforward interviews and don’t concentrate on their size. The point of the magazine is not to make such a big deal about women’s figures like other magazines do. There are plenty of magazines out there which promote losing weight but our readers don’t want that. They want a magazine which is relevant to them while making them feel good about how they look.’
Just As Beautiful   A New Plus Size Magazine | beauty body image

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