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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Is Your Fashion Personality?

According to, there are eight types of fashion personalities for plus size women.
These are:
1. The Sophisticate- she knows what she likes and what suits her. Likes tailoring and good quality garments. Key pieces are a black blazer and a crisp white cotton shirt.
2. The Simply Divine- the most feminine of women, she enjoys floaty fabrics and soft colours. A soft cashmere cardigan in a blush pink ideal.
3. The Bohemian- she loves nature and always has a chunky shawl wrapped around her shoulders. She also likes loud, possibly handmade jewellery and lives in jeans.
4. The Domestic Goddess- Happy at home, she loves practical, comfy clothes. Jeans and basics that she can mix and match inhabit her wardrobe.
5. The Trendsetter- she’s always trying new things and incorporates current trends into her wardrobe. She is at home in black Capri pants and a chic printed scarf.
6. The Romantic- stylish and confident, she isn’t afraid of colour and oozes sexuality. High heeled court shoes and a figure hugging dress are her armour.
7. The Sports Woman- she leads an active lifestyle and loves being hands-on. She feels most at home in shirts, ballet pumps and neutral colours for practicality.
8. The Classic- successful and powerful, she loves a uniform look. At home in both smart suits and baggy tracksuits, she always makes them stylish, loving soft jumpers and printed blouses.
So whichever one you are, embrace your true style and show the world you are fashion fearless!

Which one are you?

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