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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Sneak Peek At The Color Trends For Spring 2011

textiles-colors-trend-2010-1.jpgWhile fashion designers might seem like the keenest clairvoyants of the fashion sphere, we actually hand the honor to textile designers. Before the sketches are even drawn at fashion design houses, mills are producing the fabrics in colors and patterns that will outfit people a whole year in advance. Wanna get a peek at spring '11? New York Textile Week is underway, and they've released a chart of what's up-and-coming. Expect busy prints in under-saturated hues like auburn, burnt sienna, cornflower, and hunter green. It's probably the least spring-y palette we've seen in recent seasons, but we can already imagine the softer, duller shades on demure skirts, lightweight blouses, and accessories with a ingénue-meets-school-marm kick. (WWD)

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