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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Perfect Eyeshadow Color for Holiday Parties, as Demonstrated by Katy Perry

When it comes to eye makeup, there's one color that just screams "Wear me to every holiday party ever!" It's...
Gold, as seen here on Katy Perry:
It's just so festive.
Now, there are lots of different ways you can go with gold: Sunny and bright-ish (like Katy here), soft and buttery, a snowy almost-white gold, a really shiny metallic one--the list goes on. But no matter what way you go, there's just something about gilded lids that looks like an instant party, don't you think?
Don't believe me? Check out Adriana Lima in antique gold, Heidi Klum wearing metallic liner and Drew Barrymore pairing it with gray. They're all basically wearing a party on their eyes.
So get out your gold eye shadows, ladies, 'cause it's that season when you're all jolly and stuff. Got a favorite shade? Name it below!

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